Winter Soldier Weapons
 Colt M4A1 Rifle M203 Grenade Launcher & EOtech XPS
 Vz.61 Skorpion
 Mk13 Grenade Launcher (not exist in RL)
 COP.357 Derringer
 Intratec TEC-38 
 SIG-Sauer P226R 
 40mm Grenade
 Milkor MGL Mk 1L
 Gerber Yari ll Tanto
 Benchmade SOCP 176BK
 Gerber Mark ll (Sheath:G.I. TANTO W/SECURE-EX SHEATH)
 Barrett M82M1

(I knew I’d seen one of those fucking grenade launchers before)

(you mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling)


Finally completed Bucky’s costume on the day of the convention with just an hour of sleep. Still not satisfied with his arms.. I hope to be able to make some wear and tear effects for the jacket and the arm before the next time it goes out. 

Also, glad to be able to catch up with some of our friends. Been on hiatus for so long, was beginning to fear that we’d go to a convention as a newbie again with no friends to talk to… 

now that I’m done with winter soldier costume.. I can move on to the next projects that are mine. excited!



just in case this helps anyone planning to cosplay the Winter Soldier. I get asked similar questions a lot so instead I made some quick graphs, and also included the gif (not mine) to show that the Gerber Mark II only appears as a replacement to the two small pistols. But for a cosplay, you could simply keep it’s sheath hidden behind them instead of choosing one setup or the other, if you’re like me and literally just want all of the weapons.

captain--twirk asked:

Could you please upload a tutorial for your tauriel daggers? I just found your post the other day and they look amazing so I was hoping you could upload a tutorial.


sorry for the late reply. can’t seem to see or reply messages through my phone and I haven’t got the chance to use my computer. About the dagger tutorial, I will make a tutorial hopefully soon but as you know, making a tutorial takes time. So please be patient with me.


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