captain--twirk asked:

Could you please upload a tutorial for your tauriel daggers? I just found your post the other day and they look amazing so I was hoping you could upload a tutorial.


sorry for the late reply. can’t seem to see or reply messages through my phone and I haven’t got the chance to use my computer. About the dagger tutorial, I will make a tutorial hopefully soon but as you know, making a tutorial takes time. So please be patient with me.


Sarina > 2akakage2

Been taking a break from cosplay but the sewing never stops~

in just the 1 full day that I can spare on my day off work, I sewed modern dress Baju Raya and 3 other gowns for my 2 sisters and myself~ but of course this also means I’m sleep deprived. Slept for about 2 and a half hour only.

Feeling damn accomplished right now~

Just left with the cleaning the living room and cooking for tomorrow’s family feast. I’m guessing, its going to be another sleepless night. Well that’s pretty much what happens every Hari Raya Celebrations for me.



Bullpup Rifles (Semi)

Either you love them or hate them, the bullpup design on the market offer both advantages and disadvantages. It eventually boils down to individual shooter preference, which holds true for any firearm. There are also various chassis or kit options to convert other rifles or shotguns into bullpups, but the ones posted above started off life as one, rather than turning into one. Most if not all should be familiar to any gun enthusiast.

  • MAS .223 (very rare civilian FAMAS)
  • Steyr AUG CQB
  • FN FS2000
  • IMI TAR-21
  • FN PS90
  • Steyr AUG
  • Kel-Tec RFB